Using questions and comments from those that pass by our booths at conferences and those that start the process to partnership, we are constantly evaluating our applications and their place in the market.

Within the past couple years, we have identified two major shifts in the market:

  1. Organizations want one software application to manage all of their programs.
  2. Organizations want the ability to customize that software.

These expectations have always existed, but with the consumerization of IT (yes…that is actually a term we use), they have moved to the top of the priority list of organizations seeking a software solution.  Price has always been a very important factor and we know the organizations we work with must exist in a very low margin environment.

To respond to these expectations, we took the existing ClientTrax application and overhauled the architecture to support partner specific customizations and data from multiple sources.  This new platform is extremely flexible and even lets us enable partner organizations to make changes to their user interface directly within the application.  Changes for a specific partner organization are now much less likely (like 5-10% chance) to affect other organizations use of the software.

To date, we have maintained separate brands and applications for different programs of care.  As we see more organizations offering an array of services, we started analyzing whether the separate brand names were helpful in communicating what we offer organizations.  We determined that marketing our applications under one brand name would be best.

So, with the unified brand, we will start the long and tedious process of merging the technical aspects of the applications.  While we can support integration between our applications currently, this final step will allow us to easily provide a single software solution to organizations with an array of services under one roof, right out of the box.

If you have questions or just want to chat about the possibilities that these changes bring to the table, give Paul or Jason a call using the hotline number, 937-846-4002.