Testimonials from our Clients

“I think ASIware is wonderful and they have an amazing system. We are so excited to be partnering with this group!”

“I NEVER cease to be impressed with the speed, accuracy and genuine care that this company provides for us.  It is amazing.  Jason is priceless, as is the whole team–time, after time, after time. Thank you so much.”

“The team is very responsive and helpful.  We have watched this company grow and they have never lost the customer service aspect of their business to help our business. Thank You!”

“You guys rock!!!”

“You guys are doing a fabulous job!!! Thanks!”

“These numbers were thoughtfully answered as all “5” not just clicked on without consideration. They were earned. Great job!”

“The support we receive from ASI-ware is always top notch!”

“I enjoy working with your team. I never feel that I am a bother!! Thanks!!”

“Great to work with!!”

“Like always, very responsive and complete the work requested in a very timely manner. Thank you”

“Technology Challenged Person Loves ASIware!”

When I was assigned the task of being the point person for getting the ASIware system implemented for our agency, terror set in. My computer skills consist of email and internet shopping! But Paul and Brad held my virtual hand through the entire process and we now have an excellent system in place! There is a short learning curve, but once the staff got the hang of it, they LOVE it! One of the social workers told me “it’s like having my own personal assistant”! Since the implementation, our audit results have improved in all of our 5 offices. I’m not sure how we did this job before ChildTrax! What is even more impressive than the actual system is the customer service. Any questions or issues are answered immediately. Most helpful staff EVER! Brad & Zephrey are the BEST!!!! I love ASIware!

Nana Olson

Director of Compliance and Risk Management, Alliance Human Services

Benchmark Family Services has utilized ASIware since 2004. Benchmark currently serves more than 5,000 children annually. Benchmark has achieved this success with the assistance of ASIware.  The application provides reports that allow us to manage strategically and critically. ASIware has helped shape the Benchmark management culture to analyze the leading and lagging indicators. Benchmark has had an 83% growth in the past three years and ASIware was integral in this success.  With its detailed case management reporting and foster home tracking, a director’s time can be spent critically thinking through their quality and metrics dashboards. ASIware provides monthly reports that have received excellent feedback from county workers, as it allows them to receive timely, detailed, and accurate reporting on the case management services provided to the children in Benchmark’s care. Benchmark has remained cutting edge in its mission to serve as many children we can at the highest level of quality due largely in part to ASIware. It is my belief that ASIware is essential for any organization that wants accurate and positive results with growth and quality.

Shane Davis

Executive Director, Benchmark Family Services

Our organization incorporated ASIware in July of 2007.  We could not imagine using anything else. Simply stated, ASIware has helped us streamline our billing, has helped our caseworkers in all areas of their productivity, has helped our supervisors with coming along side of their staff and having the tools to support them.  We are amazed that, with ASIware, we have instant access to all the information that we need, on a daily basis. Over the last year, our organization has gone through the ODMH accreditation process in order to bill Medicaid. We would not have been able to do this without the help of ASIware. Paul and his staff are always available when we call for help.  We have saved literally hundreds of productivity hours by using ASIware, which in term has saved us thousands of dollars. We look forward to having a long-term relationship with ASIware and enjoy using their solution each day knowing that it accomplishes all the things we need from a placement management system.

John Ward

Program Manager, CHOICES, Inc.

Our organization has utilized ASIware since our inception back in 2004.  We currently serve more than 1400 children annually. ASIware has saved us thousands of dollars and man-hours due to its multifaceted functionality with case management reports, foster home tracking, invoicing, outcome reports, and title 4-E cost reporting.  ASIware data integration allows information entered in one field to be transferred to all applicable forms/fields cutting down on duplication of data entry.  ASIware technical support has been outstanding.  The staff is quick to respond to our organizational needs and do so in a friendly, professional manner.  I highly recommend ASIware for organizations of any size. (Quoted by Ryan while in his role as Executive Director of Benchmark Family Services, Inc.)

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the awesome service you are providing us. The timeliness of your response and fixes to the requests have really exceeded expectations. You’re awesome!! (Quoted by Ryan in his current role as President/CEO of American Foundation of Counseling Services)

Ryan Good

President/CEO, American Foundation of Counseling Services