Custom Development

ASIware Custom Development

Businesses can now take advantage of the effective simplicity of ASIware data management software.

Our custom developed software is built on the same platform that helps a wide array of human services organizations track their performance with minimal effort as they concentrate on serving clients.

Through our custom development program, ASIware developers will customize our data management platform to monitor, manage and report on the metrics you deem essential to your business’s success.

Metrics may include sales, sales revenue, net profits, customer retention, cost of customer acquisition, inventory, billable hours, overhead costs, profit or loss, operating productivity and any other measures critical to your industry.

  • Adaptable to businesses in nearly every industry
  • Customer support that you can count on
  • Graphical interface simplifies operation by your employees
  • Web-based and hosted applications
  • Easy-to-follow executive dashboard
  • Data management solutions tailored to your needs
  • Low start-up cost and no long-term contracts
  • Simple graphical views of data in multiple formats