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When you choose ASIware’s web-based data management software you also get a partner. We put ourselves in our products, including our management experience and love for simplicity.


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ChildTrax Case Study

Problem: We are expanding our locations and need a system that can simplify and streamline our operations. Areas of concern are invoicing timely and accurately, paying parents timely and accurately, recruitment and licensing, case management and financial reconciliation.

Result: Benchmark Family Services has utilized ChildTrax since 2004. Benchmark currently serves more than 5,000 children annually. Benchmark has achieved this success with the assistance of ChildTrax. The application provides reports that allow us to manage strategically and critically. ChildTrax has helped shape the Benchmark management culture to analyze the leading and lagging indicators. Benchmark has had an 83% growth in the past three years and ChildTrax was integral in this success. With its detailed case management reporting and foster home tracking, a director’s time can be spent critically thinking through their quality and metrics dashboards. ChildTrax provides monthly reports that have received excellent feedback from county workers, as it allows them to receive timely, detailed, and accurate reporting on the case management services provided to the children in Benchmark’s care. Benchmark has remained cutting edge in its mission to serve as many children we can at the highest level of quality due largely in part to ChildTrax. It is my belief that ChildTrax is essential for any organization that wants accurate and positive results with growth and quality.

Shane Davis, Executive Director, Benchmark Family Services


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ClientTrax Case Study

Problem: We are a young company who has experience tremendous growth. We need to find a system that can help us invoice for our multitude of services. Our staff presently are using pen and paper to figure out their billable units for session notes. The system also needs to provide the tools to ease the burden on our supervisors and program managers in regards to maintaining correct dosage requirements. Our payers demand accurate and on time reporting that requires many hours of supervisors time to ensure compliance. We server clients in 27 cities and each city/service combination can have their own set of requirements.

Result: Over the past twelve months, I worked with the ASIware team in regards to developing of the web-based ClientTrax data management system. This team assisted our organization with training and implementation and have remained available for ongoing support as needed. The team maintains communication and responds to request for assistance, and/or clarification, swiftly. ClientTrax has dramatically transformed operations for our organization. The system allows us to shift our attention from tedious managerial functions to quality of care issues by lessening the burden of time spent on various types of information collection, analysis, and reporting; in particular, ClientTrax addresses our invoicing needs, client record maintenance, and outcome reporting criterion. We have realized a tremendous increase in efficiency and accuracy since ClientTrax’s inception, and moreover, since the beginning of our collaboration with Admin Solutions.

A. Maddy LSW Program Director


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PROOFF Press Release

ASIware Announces Availability of PROOFF

New Carlisle, OH – ASIware is pleased to announce the general availability of their new mobile, supervised check-in application, PROOFF.

“We are extremely excited to bring PROOFF to market. It is our belief that PROOFF will enable probation, parole and other supervisory organizations to provide better quality oversight, more efficiently.” explains Paul Hanrahan, VP of Product Development at ASIware.

PROOFF was built with a focus on the following objectives:

  1. Provide organizations with a tool to manage caseloads more efficiently
  2. Enable organizations to create a more flexible program structure to obtain more desirable program outcomes
  3. Create a product that is affordable and easy to use for both the supervisee and supervisor

Allowing the supervisee to check-in with their phone at an organization’s defined interval can reduce interruptions to work and school schedules as well as limit interaction with more at-risk supervisees. PROOFF allows supervisors to require answers to case specific questions, a new photo to be taken and their GPS location at the time of check-in.

PROOFF is a software as a service (SaaS) offering which requires little to no capital investment by the supervisory organization and offers an affordable, flexible pricing model.