Technical & Security

Technical and Security
  • As hosted applications, your agency is not required to spend any money on servers or other infrastructure to host our applications. We do all of that for you.
  • Your office will need, at least, a broadband internet connection to access our applications.
  • We test and verify our applications in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Your staff will need software to read and edit Word, Excel, rich text format and PDF documents, if you choose to download reports in those formats.
  • We will ask you to choose one of your staff to serve as your system administrator.  That person will spend a few days at our office where they will receive intensive training on the application and your configuration.
  • Our applications use an account activation process that requires the user to create a complex and secure password.
  • User passwords are encrypted in our databases, prohibiting even our developers and engineers from accessing a user’s chosen phrase.
  • To recover a forgotten password, a user must go through a password reset process or request a reset from their system administrator.
  • All account activation and password reset email notifications are sent to the email address assigned to that user on the system.  We keep a history of these emails.
  • Be sure to ask us about application specific account settings and security features as details vary between our different applications.
  • All traffic between the user’s computer and our infrastructure is encrypted and secured.
  • We restrict access to your data to essential personnel only. Management functions are restricted by IP.
  • We use an industry leader in offsite backups.  Your data is encrypted by the server and then sent over a military grade encrypted connection to storage servers located in the United States and certified data centers.
  • We hold monthly trainings with staff covering a range of topics from technical procedures, support processes, accessing privileged information and confidentiality.
  • Microsoft technologies are used to host and make our applications work.  We do not use open source platforms due to our commitment to the security and reliability of our infrastructure.
  • Microsoft SQL houses your data and configurations.  Read-only access to your data can be arranged for an additional fee.
  • We maintain a hybrid environment of physical and virtual production boxes.  We are transitioning to an all virtual environment to remain as efficient and adaptable as possible.