Version is here with a crop of minor changes and usability enhancements to the valeo (formerly ChildTrax) platform.  To view the webinar that covers these changes, click here.


  1. Case Manager’s Home Page: Case Managers now have access to a Requirements dashboard from their home page.  The dashboard will only show requirements for the homes their clients are placed in.
  2. Placement Automated Emails: On the automated emails sent to the placement add email role by the system when a placement is made we added additional information. We also made it to where any additional fields on your referral screen can be included on the emails.
  3. Foster Home Screen: On the foster home screen’s Client in Home link we changed the sort order to sort by Currently Placed Clients and then their Placement Dates.
  4. Table Maintenance Page: We have greatly improved the table maintenance page. It now is user friendly and easy to navigate with categories and search functionality.
  5. Foster Home Requirements Print Forms: We have added new print forms for home requirements where instead of saying license date it say approval date. If your state does not like the term license you now have the option to use approval.
  6. Referrals: Users can now enter new referrals for clients that are already receiving services.
  7. Client Care Module Enhancements: The system now allows you to specify at the client care item setup for an agency that the item stays on dashboards after discharge for a number of days you select.