We are excited to announce the release of version to our valeo platform!  This release includes changes behind the scenes, our ‘New Idea’ portal, enhancements to the Help & Support Menu links and a new feature that allows financial staff to create bulk special payments.

New Idea Portal & Help/Support Menu Links (view webinar)

  • Changed the menu title to ‘Help & Support’
  • Addition of a ‘New Idea’ menu option
  • Addition of a ‘Support Videos’ menu option
  • Removed legacy menu options that are no longer in use

Generate Special Payments Feature (view webinar)

  • Do you get tired of putting that Christmas bonus as a special payment on all of your clients in care?  With the new Generate Special Payments Tool, you can create those special payments at one time using a variety of filters and payment options. (While some may say we are two months late, we prefer to say we are ten months early…)

System Maintenance Page (Beta)

  • Just a little sneak preview of the new System Maintenance Page, currently in Beta

Discontinuation of Application Names

  • Login Page Title
  • Backend changes to new URL
  • Updated Training Certificate
  • Updated the reply-to email address on emails sent from the system