There are significant changes to well established functionality included in this version.  It is extremely important that you review the videos that we have put together regarding the changes and train your users on how your organization will implement them once released.

You can view the webinar playlist here:

A quick list of changes included with this release:

  1. Homes/Parents – Other People in Home: We have expanded the functionality of tracking other people involved with a home and requirements associated with their involvement.
  2. Training Changes: A follow-up release to significant changes to the training module that were released last year.  The changes included in this version were designed from suggestions and tickets gathered after the initial release.
  3. Intake Function Improvements: A minor workflow improvement when adding a client and referral.
  4. Other Miscellaneous Changes: A few other behind the scene changes that will enhance the way the applications work and bring branding in line with the decommissioning of the ChildTrax name.