We are extremely excited to announce the release of Version!  This release includes many enhancements and changes to different areas of the system that may affect your organization.  We have put together webinars and a guide that explains the topics that each webinar covers.

The webinars are organized by program.  There are webinars for all programs, some for Foster Care only and one for Residential programs.  We cannot stress enough the importance of reviewing the webinars that are relevant to your program ahead of the release so that you are prepared for the changes.

There are significant changes to how foster parent training works in ChildTrax, so if you use that module, please make sure to review those webinars! Webinar Guide: http://www.asi-ware.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/3_16_2_1_WebinarGuide.pdf Webinar Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7d8cvt_uhbeBMVZ0hhZsSpOuTk7eAe_Y

1. Improvements to discharge reason tracking

2. Add functionality to track foster parent employment and education

3. Made improvements to the licensing home page.

4. Added functionality to hyperlink additional fields to other resources

5. Added appointments to residential clients

6. Added bed holds to residential clients

7. Improved the paid respite functionality

8. Made most of the lookup list on ChildTrax controllable by our partners

9. Improved the notification functionality

10. Added action bars to the census pages

11. Improved bed hold functionality

12. Created more export tools

13. Created more incident e-mail roles

14. Improvements to various report