This weekend we will be releasing Version 3.15.3 on ChildTrax. This release focuses on three major additions and enhancements to the application.

1. Digital Signatures: Included in 3.15.4, agencies have the ability to utilize stored digital signatures in the system for their users.  Employees can capture their signature in the system and create a signature PIN.  This PIN can then be used to sign various items throughout the application.  If you would like this functionality to be setup on your system, please contact us to start the process!

2. Notifications: When completing certain items within the application, you now have the ability ‘Save and Notify’ another user.  These notifications will be available to users within the application’s interface.  A webinar explaining this new feature can be found at:

3. Licensing Home Page Dashboard: We have made a few enhancements to the Licensing Home Page.  A webinar reviewing these changes can be found at:

4. General Interface Styles: We have updated a few different areas of the application to match the new interface style that is used on the DSM-V pages.  These updates do not carry any changes in functionality or location of features.   

5. Branch Assignments: We have made changes to the way you assign users to branches to support the new stored digital signatures functionality.  These changes also affect branch drop down lists for users that have access to multiple branches in the system.  You can view the Branch Connections webinar here: