We know it is critical for foster care agencies to recruit foster parents who are committed to the agency’s mission and provide foster parents with the on-going support needed to be successful. It is equally important for agencies to have internal processes and infrastructure in place to engage, develop, and support foster parents to make sure a child is placed in a safe and healthy environment.

From the first point of contact with the child welfare system to the moment a child is placed in their care, there are multiple steps prospective parents must go through to become licensed foster parents and requirements they must continue to meet to maintain their license.

One of the most important aspects of licensure for child placing agencies is to ensure compliance.

It is important that the home requirements are met and agency staff are giving the foster parents enough time to meet those requirements. Agencies need to make sure that foster parents stay within compliance because it can affect the success of the placement, the licensure of the home, and in some cases, the placing agency’s status with the state.

With ASI-ware Placement Management System, caseworkers and licensing specialists can easily monitor and manage items that are coming due.

The Licensing dashboard of ASI-ware Placement Management System allows users to track requirements for licensing. The dashboard will show what coming due in the next 30 days and includes a search tool that allows workers to see items that are coming due beyond 30 days. It allows users to see the requirements for their homes, parents and other people living in the home. The dashboard is color-coded so users can easily see items that have expired, require supervisor approval, and are coming due for prospective and licensed parents.

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