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Makes lower-level probation and parole check-ins easy, secure and more likely to be complied with.

The PROOFF smartphone app by ASIware simplifies lower-level probation and parole check-ins, making them easy, secure and more likely to be complied with than traditional check-ins.

The app – configurable to local requirements – tracks GPS locations, snaps a photo and asks the user a series of case-specific questions.

Probation Officer Dashboard Shown Above. App User Interaction Shown Below. 

  • Integrates with ClientTrax for case management
  • Emails offenders check-in reminders
  • Removes stigma as users check in inconspicuously via their phone
  • Increases check-in compliance
  • Provides POs a report of missed check-ins
  • Minimizes contact between lower-level and serious offenders
  • Reduces probation expenses
  • Prevents offenders from missing school or work
  • Enables officers to spend more time with serious offenders

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