Monitors, manages and reports vital information for children in a variety of foster care and residential settings.

ChildTrax gives foster care caseworkers more time to serve children and families, thanks to intuitive design that simplifies service documentation, data management and reporting. The developers of ChildTrax, who have foster care experience, know the work is challenging enough without time-consuming paperwork.

The software tracks, manages and reports data for services provided in a range of foster care settings, including family, residential, group home, emergency and detention.

 Features and Benefits of ChildTrax

  • Secure web-based and hosted application
  • Configurable to state-specific foster care regulations
  • Easy for caseworkers to use
  • No long-term contract and low startup cost
  • Fits your agency’s communication needs and operational style
  • Easy-to-use executive dashboard
  • Customer support you can count on
  • Reduces duplicate data entry
  • Simple graphical view of data in multiple formats