The ASIware Story

ASIware has accomplished a great deal in its less than 20 year history. Read about how we have become who we are today.

A Program is Born

  • Mike Berner knew how to serve foster children and parents.
  • But he lacked a simple, accurate way to track the services his agency provided them.
  • He took his problem to Paul Hanrahan.
  • Paul set to work on a solution.
  • In 2001, the ChildTrax Placement Management System was born.
  • As Mike and Paul marketed ChildTrax through their new company, Admin Solutions, Inc., foster care agencies adopted the program as their own.
  • And through customer input, ChildTrax gained new capabilities, such as case management.

Adding to the Family

  • A new Admin Solutions client needed a custom solution.
  • They were having trouble keeping track of their business and program metrics.
  • Paul went back to the drawing board and built a new flexible platform and program from the ground up!
  • The result: ClientTrax Service Management System, designed to manage information for a broad range of human service-based organizations.

New Markets, New Brand

  • With ClientTrax, Mike and Paul discovered they had something special – a software platform they could easily customize to serve any business.
  • So with a broadened market for their data management software, they launched a new brand: ASIware.

The Story Continues

  • In 2014 a probation department approached ASIware with a unique need.
  • ASIware introduced a smartphone app, PROOFF which simplifies supervised probation and parole check-ins.
  • Now a growing range of businesses is taking advantage of the simple functionality of ASIware data management software.